We give CEOs confidence to make bold moves to their business to drive predictable, sustainable growth.

In today’s climate, CEO’s have an elevated level of uncertainty AND they aren’t making BOLD moves…


of Executives are unsure of
what growth avenue to pursue*

These challenges significantly impact predictable growth.

Enter KP Strategies.

We give CEOs the confidence to make bold moves their businesses need to drive predictable, sustainable growth.


Of executives struggle with execution

One of the biggest concerns we hear from executives after we put their strategic plan and business plan in place is that they “stink at execution,” which is no surprise considering 92% of executives struggle with execution. This is why KP Strategies has been so successful.


Predictable Growth

Are you amongst the 50% of CEO’s that aren’t satisfied with your strategy? Having a good strategy isn’t enough. Are you struggling to execute your strategy? Over 67% of the business leaders struggle with executing their existing strategic plan1. Yet, as CEO you own this plan and control the company’s biggest moves.

These are uncertain times that require strong strategic intent, outside-in insight, and collaboration with your leadership team to build an actionable strategic and yearly operational plan. KP Strategies helps organizations achieve this by looking three years out, evaluating competitive analysis and customer insights to ensure its execution.

We start with understanding your goals, then assessing your current sales environment to build a customized plan to help you achieve your results. We’ve helped transform sales forces from product-based selling to solution selling, high-performance selling environment.

Having a consistent pipeline that is predictable is critical to your success. We work with your team to create and drive a high-performance culture that is sustainable.

Customer Success

Do you know what customers are saying about you? Do you really understand who they are? Can you interpret their attitudes and behaviors?

There are specific strategies for Business to Business (B2B) vs. Business to Consumer (B2C).

KP Strategies provides the Leadership Team with an assessment that evaluates your Purposeful Leadership, Customer Understanding, Brand Promise and Employee Experience. Based on the results, We build a multi-year roadmap together to fix the gaps and start delivering a consistent experience across the organization to achieve customer centricity.

KP Strategies will provide an assessment for the leadership team to take to baseline where you are and where you need to go to achieve customer centricity.

Sustainable Growth

Start with the end in mind. It’s all about Strategy to Execution. How do you envision the future of your company? The key to sustainability is accountability. Having the right expectations, tools, and metrics to drive the business forward.

Too many organizations are out of alignment on expectationscritical success factors and leading indicators that can predict growth and sustainability. KP Strategies provides you and your leadership team with the guidance, tools, and metrics you need to successfully run and drive coherence throughout your organization.

Coherent companies have 3x growth and 2x profits*

KP Strategies will assess the tools leveraged to drive accountability, alignment, and growth sustainment. Based on the results, we will work with your leadership team to set you on the right path for predictable, scalable growth.

Passionate about Making a Significant Impact

We love business! Strategizing on the company direction, business model, product direction, innovation, sales and understanding their customer’s insight is fun! Everything we do drives growth, customer retention, loyalty, and sustainability. We’re passionate about helping CEO’s make a significant impact in their organization. KP Strategies is a certified women-owned business with WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) and WOSB (Women Owned Small Business).


I love the mountains. It brings me peace and wellbeing. I also am a huge yogi! These things keep me centered and focused on what’s important in my life.

I give this same level of care to the CEO’s that I have the pleasure to work with. As founder & CEO of KP Strategies, I’ve had extensive experience being a high-performance leader with a successful track record in running organizations. I created four organizations from scratch, created an Executive Sponsor Program consulting practice, researched Executive Sponsor Programs, authored a white paper about it and became a recognized expert.    

From my early days in sales and sales leadership, to my experience in general management, management consulting, marketing, strategy, and consumer experience to CEO of a MedTech start-up, I have the robust knowledge, skills, attributes, and experience to guide CEO’s. Based on my experience, I guide other start-ups CEO’s to successfully go from incubation to launch, scaling and sustaining their companies through the Entrepreneur Center.

These skills in addition to her knowledge in healthcare, high-tech IT and Air Force along with her entrepreneurial spirit, passion, collaboration and commitment to the ultimate customer provides her clients with the sustainable competitive advantage they need to consistently win in the marketplace. 

A few clients…

"KP Strategies has helped me think differently about my business. Based on their unique frame work, methodologies and tools, I have an objective view of my organization, alignment with my leadership team and enhanced confidence to make the bold moves essential to driving exponential growth."
Dennis Andersh
CEO, Parallax Advanced Research
"KP Strategies is helping us think differently about our strategy and the "outside-in". Her work is helping us to better leverage the precious resources we have to maximize our outcomes, which is invaluable."
Bill Harrison
Director, Small Business Office, Air Force Research Labs
“KP Strategies has been our secret weapon. Karen has helped us think about what was possible and to provide resources to prepare us for the exponential growth we are experiencing. Working with a female run business is especially important to us!”
April PollOck & Shelly Heller
Co-Founders, Tempagenix
“KP Strategies has consistently and effectively helped our business CEO’s to focus “on” their business versus “in” their business – resulting in extraordinary revenue growth, job creation, and the development of more durable and dynamic companies. Karen’s management consulting expertise has also been instrumental in making TEC a better organization as she supported our strategic, resource and growth planning. She is a consummate professional.”
President, The Entrepreneur Center
"We have experienced exponential growth, loyalty and customer retention driven in large part to the three-year Strategic Plan and yearly Business Plans KP Strategies helped us design and execute."
Executive Director, Wright Brothers Institute

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