KP Strategies

Our Passion

Being a CEO, we know you get pulled in a million directions each day and distractions are constant. We’re passionate about helping CEOs and their leadership team drive execution because that’s where 92% of executives fail. This is hard stuff! Having the right team and keeping everyone aligned is why CEOs want to work with us!

About Karen

I’m Karen Posey, founder and CEO of KP STRATEGIES LLC, a certified women-owned business. I bring to the forefront a wealth of experience in high-performance leadership that spans both verticals and vistas. My journey, which saw me architecting organizations from the ground up and trailblazing an innovative Executive Sponsor Program consulting practice, has propelled me into the ranks of recognized experts in this dynamic field. But this journey isn’t just about accolades—it’s about the transformations. It’s about working hand-in-hand with CEOs to navigate challenges, leverage opportunities, and sculpt success stories that echo through industries. Together, we craft strategies that are as solid as the mountains and as flexible as a yoga flow, ensuring that every step aligns with their vision, and values to ensure execution.

“I believe that the mountains and the yoga mat are more than just personal passions—they embody the essence of balance, focus, and tranquility that I aim to infuse into every aspect of life.

Just as the peaks and poses keep me grounded, I channel that same devotion into working with visionary CEOs who are shaping the business landscape.”

A few clients…

"KP Strategies has helped me think differently about my business. Based on their unique frame work, methodologies and tools, I have an objective view of my organization, alignment with my leadership team and enhanced confidence to make the bold moves essential to driving exponential growth."
Dennis Andersh
CEO, Parallax Advanced Research
"KP Strategies has exceeded all expectations in their leadership of our virtual C-Suite Enterprise Group. Their ability to provide vision clarity, peer benchmarking, and key performance indicators has been instrumental in driving significant growth for our business. I highly recommend their services to any organization looking to achieve remarkable results."
Kyle Etter


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Karen and KP Strategies for several years. She has led our CEO group to create vision clarity, company alignment, key benchmarking and overall best practices sharing. The education and guidance we received from KP strategies has really helped us transform our business to stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape.
Jeff Stevens,
"KP Strategies is helping us think differently about our strategy and the "outside-in". Her work is helping us to better leverage the precious resources we have to maximize our outcomes, which is invaluable."
Bill Harrison
Director, Small Business Office, Air Force Research Labs
"KP Strategies has been our secret weapon. Karen has given us the vision clarity and purpose driven focus we need in our business to make critical changes to drive sustainable growth. Working with a female-run business is especially important to us!"
April Pollock
CEO, Tempagenix
“KP Strategies has consistently and effectively helped our business CEO’s to focus “on” their business versus “in” their business – resulting in extraordinary revenue growth, job creation, and the development of more durable and dynamic companies. Karen’s management consulting expertise has also been instrumental in making TEC a better organization as she supported our strategic, resource and growth planning. She is a consummate professional.”
President, The Entrepreneur Center
"We have experienced exponential growth, loyalty and customer retention driven in large part to the three-year Strategic Plan and yearly Business Plans KP Strategies helped us design and execute."
Executive Director, Wright Brothers Institute
"KP Strategies has given us tremendous vision clarity and confidence in our business through deep customer and stakeholder insight as well as building an actionable 3-year strategic plan and yearly operational plan. We would highly recommend their firm."
Nicole Dalichau
CEO, Theia